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I'm Brooke

I’m a former fitness professional, former ICU RN, and mom of 6 active kids from toddler to teenager, with my integrative medicine MD hubby.


I spent 20+ years in the gym setting teaching classes from MMA style workouts to vinyasa flow.  I received my degree in kinesiology from SDSU in 2002 and pursued my love of movement, working in top gyms in San Diego and LA. During that time I decided to take my studies into medicine, receiving my BSN from Mt St Mary’s in 2005, and going on to become an ICU RN.  


After 10 years I felt my heart calling me back to WELLNESS. I respect medicine and those who work in it, but in reality it didn’t align with my philosophy on health and how to truly keep one out of the hospital.  I came full circle back into health.  Since 2015 I’ve been building a massive wellness business based off premium quality supplements that address root healing.  Gut health, insulin resistance, and inflammation are at the core of almost all health issues and symptoms that have you feeling tired, overweight, under motivated, and sick.  That’s where I focus by combining a customized supplementation system, simple lifestyle and food modifications, and mindset support. 


I don’t believe healthy living sticks from a place of learning how to live healthy, but instead you are more likely to stick with healthy living when it comes from a place of why.  We dig into your why and the mindset of living a healthy life because that paired with supplements, movement, and nutrition will give you the life, health, and body of your dreams.

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