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My Philosophy

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My personal philosophy on health: 

You can turn your health around, both physically and emotionally, at any time. The moment you DECIDE and commit to YOU is the moment everything changes!

Health should be 4 things:

✔️A joyful pursuit

✔️A simple sustainable plan

✔️Based on self love, not self loathing

✔️Rooted in solid principles of holistic health

Living a healthy life should be joyful 90% of the time.  Healthy living is actually quite simple, it’s just that in the “industry” many have tried to make it so specialized and complicated.  If it’s not joyful and simple you won’t keep it up.  Punishing and hating yourself into change will only last temporarily, but loving yourself and celebrating your successes will give you forever fuel for a healthy lifestyle. 

- Brooke Hemingway -

  • I am a fitness enthusiast 

  • I have six kids... yes SIX, and I take care of them plus my husband all without a drop of coffee!!

  • I live in Utah, Florida, and Hawaii

  • On a regular day you can find me at Orange Theory Fitness, or 9 Rounds 

  • I LOVE music and get inspired by it 

Now, I want to hear about you! 

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  1. Nutrition & Supplementation
  2. Exercise & Daily movement
  3. Sleep & Rest
  4. Mindset & Beliefs



1. Nutrition & Supplementation

2. Exercise & Daily Movement

3. Sleep & Rest

4. Mindset & Beliefs

Your body was designed for premium fuel. Most likely you are feeding it economy fuel or worse.  That’s leading to a breakdown in the detox pathways, energy production, hormonal balance, gut microbiome “garden", and fat burning metabolism.  Eating REAL food, not dieting, will be the biggest change you’ll experience with me.  


Supplements are not an option, they are a necessity.  With the loss of traditional farming methods and the introduction of monocropping, pesticides, chemicals, GMO, loss of heirloom species, produce being picked before it’s peak (sitting in cold storage for 6-12 months!), and unhealthy livestock practices, you are not getting what you think you are from that broccoli and chicken!  Not to mention, most of us DO NOT eat a probiotic and prebiotic rich diet.  Pair that with the massive amount of packaged and processed “food-like substances,” and we’re fighting an uphill battle.  It’s simply the truth and it’s been proven over and over. Supplements replenish, and don’t take the place of healthy foods, but without them you’ll have deficiencies that lead to breakdowns and symptoms that rob you of your quality of life. Begin to think of supplements as a part of your nutritional budget.

You were made to move. Every day.  In whatever capacity you can, you will begin to feel more energized, less depressed, more capable to handle stress, more easily able to lose weight, and more prone to sleep deeply. Movement has been shown to have incredible benefits, from mood enhancement, to metabolism boosting, to improved insulin levels, amongst other things.  Movement isn’t about the size of your pants so much as it is the way you feel!  Establishing a regular routine starts with 20 minutes of committed movement a day. Simply start there with a pair of sneaks and the great outdoors and you’re off to a great start.  After 20 years in fitness, I am passionate about this not because of what the science says, but because of how it’s pulled me through some dark times and transformed so many clients lives!  Movement is medicine!

You can’t escape your sleep deprivation.  In the end, it wins.  It wins around your waistline, in your moodiness, in your increased inflammation, in your hormonal disturbances, and beyond.  You simple can’t go for years and years with sleep deprivation without suffering the consequences of it. But let’s be real.  If you’ve been fighting for the story that “I’m a night owl,” then we’ll have some work to do.  Trust me- I was that person.  It took time and I’ve learned I wasn’t a night person, I was simply filling my time to calm my mind.  Learning other techniques to calm my mind + adding supplements that support sleep transformed my relationship with rest. I don’t think you’ll change overnight.  It’s a simple process of lifestyle modifications, evening routines, and avoidance of activities and substances that wake you instead of relax you.  Focusing on small, incremental improvement of 15-30 minutes can be the start of an incredibly healthy shift that allows your body to repair and rest.

It doesn’t matter what trainer, program, supplements, or diet you start.  If you don’t think you can change, you won’t change.  If you don’t believe in yourself and trust yourself, you won’t achieve or maintain your results. Changing the way you see yourself will change the way you live in your body, including your choices of what to eat, how to move, and beyond. Living healthily begins in the mind with a thought and desire to FEEL a different way.  From that desire to feel differently (for a purpose we’ll discover) you will act differently and then produce the result you want in your health!  Your state of disease or lack of health didn’t just happened. It started with a series of thoughts that led you to act repeatedly in a way that led your body and mind to where you are.  No shame, no guilt, just awareness.  And isn’t it so powerful that with these same tools- your thoughts and actions- you can totally transform your health?!? 

let's go!!


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Me, and my entire family, personally use a line of supplements that focuses on root healing.  When you want to truly address symptoms that are affecting the quality of your life, you have to look in 3 areas:

1. Gut health and healing
3. Blood sugar & hormone health
3. Inflammation

Image by Mathyas Kurmann

I  believe supplements don’t have to be the cost of a car payment every month and you shouldn’t have to get a second job just to afford them.  Yes, you can grab 14 bottles from Whole Foods or Amazon, but what if you had proven blends of high quality ingredients that delivered a better result for less.  Now that’s sustainable!  Using clean supplements free of dyes, synthetic sweeteners, artificial ingredients, and harmful toxins are important to me. After all, I put this in my children’s bodies.  Before, during, and after pregnancy, I supplemented and had the best health of my life.  Bottom line….

You need support.

You need it to be clean. 

You need it to be effective.

You need it to taste good.

You need it to be simple.

You need it to be cost effective.

That’s what I have.  I do recommend other supplements that can pair well with this and other herbs as needed because no brand can do every single thing for you.  But this comes incredibly close to meeting all of my needs! 

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